Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Pricing Packages

Urban Session

from: $500

You choose a part of town where you want us to meet and we’ll just go for a friendly walk. The whole time I will be taking pictures of you, while sharing facts about this amazing city’s history. The package includes a 2 hour session and 100 edited photos.

Portrait Session

from: $1500

A full-on portrait session, that will last for 5 hours, and include 350 edited pictures, as well as 5 prints. We’ll have a one hour call beforehand to discuss all the details. All you have to do is be yourself and I'll make sure to capture it spot on.

In Your Element

from: $1000

In your home while you cook, at your workplace while you perform, out with your friends. I’ll come over and document how you shine in your surrounding. This package includes a 3 hour session, a beforehand call to iron out the details and 150 edited photos.


Ethan’s Urban Session is probably the most fun I’ve ever had while someone was taking pictures of me. If you’re looking to get amazing pictures while going for a fun walk - I definitely recommend this guy!

Mike Blinkins